This came through our regional Pony Club list this morning. Catskill Animal Sanctuary has a very good reputation. I am so tempted to get a second donkey to keep my first company . . .!

Dear CAS Friends and Animal Lovers:

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We'd like to invite you to join us in making a tremendous difference in the lives of deserving horses, and are writing with two opportunities to do so.

Last November, Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescued 11 miniature horses from a Wisconsin hoarder from whom over 300 dogs had already been seized. She had about 70 horses on the property, claimed to be in foreclosure, and to lack any ability to care for the animals. Yet when we offered to help with additional animals, she refused to part with them.

We have received an urgent e-mail from her saying only that she has to disperse her herd and is asking for our help with 22 equines: mostly draft horses and donkeys. We are determined to help! We have been there and seen the horses and the conditions in which they live. It's a bad situation. In addition, the woman is in an extremely remote part of the country and lacks regional support. In terms of reaching out for assistance, she has very few options.

Here's our challenge: we lack the physical space to take in 22 large equines. Do you have room in your barn, in your pasture, and in your heart? CAS will pay the transportation costs to bring the animals safely to the Hudson Valley, but we're hoping to find experienced draft horse and donkey lovers who are in a position to add an equine (or two!) to their animal families.

If you would like to consider adoption, please fill out the adoption form at <> at your earliest convenience. If you�re a suitable match, we�ll call you right away to get the ball rolling.

If you're not ready to add any permanent family members, here�s the second way to help: how about a couple animals to love for the summer?

Last year, we reached out to our friends with an invitation to foster horses or cows so that we might till and reseed some overused astures. Thanks to a few friends, some of our acreage is in great shape. After eight years of constant use, however, much of it is still in sore need of a little TLC.

We are currently seeking foster families for 12 equines (mostly thoroughbred mares) and 10 cows for a period of six months. We are happy to pay a stipend of $150 per animal per month to cover all expenses--feed, hay, farrier, vet, dental--if you are an experienced animal lover willing to love a few more this summer! All of the animals we hope to foster are healthy, current with vaccines, easy keepers (a few of the horses are sound for riding if you're looking for a project!) who would benefit tremendously from daily handling.

If you have the expertise, time, love, and facilities (roomy shelter, safe/sturdy fencing, spacious pasture), to welcome some animals into your life, please contact Julie in our main office for more details: or 845-336-8447 x202.

Please note that whether you�re interested in adoption or foster, only those who meet all our facility requirements and are ready to take animals can be considered. Also, please note that only our current horses are available for foster. We are seeking permanent homes for the drafts and donkeys.

From all of us, thank you.

Kathy Stevens, Director

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