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    Question Please explain CIC*** dressage scoring!

    So I'm looking at the dressage scores from The Fork, and the advanced division has your regular event-type scores, with scores in the 20s placing in the top. The CIC*** has much higher scores placing in the top, scores in the 50s.

    Can someone explain how the CIC is scored? At what point in the levels does the scoring change? I am thoroughly confused, and don't understand what a good CIC score would be.

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    It's complicated. A experienced scorer just explained it to me and I would mess up the explanation she gave me... co-efficients...

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    Here is an explanation from British Eventing:
    The two judges both give a mark, which is then converted into a percentage of good points. This is then turned into a penalty score using a multiplying factor of 1.5 - which isn't used at BE national events.

    At a BE event, if you score 70% good marks, your penalty score is 30. If you score 60% good marks, your penalty score is 40.

    At an FEI event, if you score 70% good marks, your penalty score is 45 (30x1.5). If you score 60% good marks, your penalty score is 60 (40x1.5).

    The overall effect of this is that at FEI the scores become more spread out, so in theory the dressage is more influential, although that obviously varies competition to competition.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    I always take away 1/3 of the score to roughly convert it to a "normal" dressage score.

    So a 60 at the FEI level is about a 40 in the regular system.
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    It's the wretched 1.5 FEI dressage coefficient that ought to be binned, since by itself it affects placings dramatically. No one has yet given a decent rationale for it.
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