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    Nov. 19, 2008

    Default mare in heat for over a week !!

    She is standing posturing for days/weeks now. What is the deal? How do i (other than calling the vet) know when she ov's so i can send her to the breeding farm? Anyone else experiencing this this year?

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    Oct. 27, 2010


    Transitional cycle, probably not going to ovulate...have vet do US and possibly hit with hormone to get her past this one and then breed next cycle...also check for possible uterine infection. Had one years ago in season for 47 days....even the stallion hated her.
    Colored Cowhorse Ranch
    Northern NV

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    Joppa, Md------USA


    My mare always does this. Her average is 9 days. You ought to see me try to convinced the vets, don't breed on the 5th day. Wait until 7 or 8. Breed on the 5th and have to order again. Wait until day 7 or 8 and we are good. On the 5th day, she is getting soft and starting to change shape, so looks as though she should be bred.

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