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    Default Broodmare Nutrition Questions

    I wanted to know if what i've been feeding my 10 month in-foal Tb broodmare is getting everything she needs...she's been getting 6lbs(dry measure) plain beetpulp,2.5lbs Pro Adv Grass Diet Balancer,2lbs Envision Classic-divided am/pm feedings and free choice Tim/Orch/Alf mixed Hay...and i recently started adding alfalfa pellets too....she looks great condition and weight wise.....i just wanted to make sure that i'm giving her everything she and the baby needs as my friend who breeds horses told me that she gives all of her broodmares Platinum Performance Equine Supplement along w/ their "grain" which i believe is a combo of oats/and or strategy and Ultium? i explained to her that i didn't need to supplement b/c she's getting the ration balancer...and my friend questioned that and said that feeding a ration balancer made her nervous b/c horses were meant to eat grain? I always felt like i'm doing the very best for all of my horses by feeding them Progressive Nutrition Pro Advatage,Envision,and Beetpulp...however she seems to think grain is the way to go?!? care to weigh in on that?

    Should i be giving my broodmare or any of my horses additional grain? or a supplement such as Platinum Performance? Why would you feed one over the other?

    Thanks in advance

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    As I said on your other thread, your friend has it all backwards.

    If you are feeding the recommended amount of the PN (check the bag again, I forgot to check mine, but I think you should really be at 3lb by now, unless she's not a big horse), and her weight is good, and your hay is decent enough, then unless there are known issues, you're doing fine.

    It might be a good idea to pull her blood and check her Selenium level.
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