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    Default Explaining to Clients a Medical Condition...

    So about 2 months ago I told a client I would work with 2 of her horses and get them ready for a show in June. I've had one pony since the beginning of March and she is doing really well. The other one came 2 weeks ago. However, since I got these ponies I have had serious pelvic pain ( see my post on Osteitus Pubis) And I am supposed to take it easy and not ride as much/as many horses. I feel terrible as I told this client I would ride her horses, but the pain is terrible after I ride, and the only way I can ride is to take my prescription lora-tabs. The one pony I have had for the longest came to learn to jump and she's already surpassed that and is jumping 2ft courses no problem. The other one was just coming to me to be ridden since her daughter is on a traveling soccer team and she doesn't have time to get her in shape for the show.

    So I guess i'm asking for help or what would you do??? I feel terrible and unprofessional if I tell them I can't keep riding her horses, but on the other hand the pain when I ride is terrible.

    By no means am I a "professional". I ride other peoples horses as a way to pay for my own horses. I work a full time job on top of riding these 2 ponies plus my own horse. Any help or suggestion would be appreciated. I want to be fair to everyone involved. Thank you!!!!

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    Tell the client the truth, that although your skills are more than adequate for the task, you have developed a medical problem that will cause you to stop riding for awhile. It could be that the client would think long-lining the newer project horse would be an acceptable substitute for riding, since you were asked to 'get it in shape' . I hope you have a complete healing, that must be an awful condition to have.
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