I have two ponies that I'm looking to lease out for a year or so. Free lease situation only. MUST stay within 100 miles of 19709 (preferably closer). I will come visit. References will be checked.

Pony - 3yo 10.1h Shetland paint gelding. I put his picture in my profile. Onery. Tough. Cute. Fancy mover. Typical pony. We broke him this winter but he's not been ridden in about one month. Last year he was turned out with my 17.2h, 17.1h, and 16.1h Irish and TB geldings. Then turned out with 20+yo geldings. He is now turned out with 4 yearling TB colts (hence the onery in his description). He runs, plays, and bosses those boys around. {I have tons of TBs ship in/out throughout the year which is why the pony has switched field mates so often. He goes where I need/want him and gets along with anyone}

Easy keeper. He's actually pretty fat right now bc the TBs have unlimited premium hay that he helps them eat. Sound, sane, loves attention, etc. He is very green broke. Not kid safe yet. Perfect situation would be a barn that is very active with a million kids around that all want to mess with him. Even just for the summer. My place is private and boring and he doesn't get to see anything! He's trotted over poles- but not "broke" to jump.

Not sure if he's grown out of it yet - BUT... I had him gelded as a long yearling. I've not been able to put him out with mares bc he gets all hot/bothered with them. Vet thinks he could still be producing testosterone in his pituatary. He is not studdy at all when handling, riding, grooming, etc him - he just pesters the girls to death when turned out with them. I wanted to mention this so lessee knows he has to be turned out with boys.

Again - free lease option only. Close to home. Preference given to someone that wants to teach him to drive as well! Lease could be longer depending on situation. Email privately for more info. Include your interest, experience with onery ponies(!), quick overview of barn situation, plans for him. References, etc will come later after lessee is chosen.


20yo mini mare. Previously a therapy horse. She has foundered in the past. My 2.5yo leads her around the farm like a dog. She stands there for dd to brush and hug on.
The pony dd showed last year has come available and I can't have all 3 ponies - so... this one is available to a very local home (hopefully within 20m). I'm still fixing her feet from her previous situation. She is not 100% sound but should be within the next 1-2 trims. Bay with tiny star. Still a fuzzy bunny but we are shedding every day. Another week or two and we should be able to see the mini underneath!!!