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    Default Breeding Decisions: what do you think?

    I wrote this article several years ago about Culling and the Long View. Do you think US breeders have a different view now? If so, how do you think things have changed? If not, why not?
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    I'm not sure much has changed. Doesn't the US still send upwards of 100,000 horses to slaughter each year? Maybe the changes are still to come. I do see that prices on WBs have come down alot. Not sure how you breeders can afford to raise and sell them at those prices!
    I am one of those amateur backyard breeders. First born is a Swedish Diploma mare (you would have seen her as a youngster at the breed shows - possibly in line behind her! HA! ). Her first born is a Class I mare. Am thinking of breeding her again this year. I breed for myself. Not to sell. It may be unfortunate that my two mares are of the type that SHOULD be bred each year. In reality, there are so many mares that are not of top quality that ARE bred each year. I understand in the Quarter Horse industry they expect to cull most of them just to get a few good ones. I would hope that would be changing.
    I looked at your website. Nice to see you and MB have joined forces (that could be old news, I haven't kept up). I hope you and he are doing well and I wish you both continued success.

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