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    Default Getting a to this..introducing a kitten to the other household pets

    Barn Cat had a litter of kittens (she's getting spayed ) There is a lovely orange tabby male that I kept saying "IF NO ONE ELSE TAKES HIM"...and of course I kept thinking he was leaving, but time and time again, people picked the calicos over him....So, now he's mine.

    I have two adult cats...male and female. I think the male will be social,, probably not.

    Three dogs who live with adult cats just fine...but a bit worried about a little one running around. None of the dogs are evil and would purposefully kill him, but I could see one of them hurting him in play.

    How do you introduce a 6 week old kitten into a household full of adult animals with established pecking order.

    This is the one domestic animal I know very little about...except what to feed them.

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    Jan. 4, 2007


    Confine kitten in the house, a bathroom works fine for us.
    After some days, you can start letting kitten out supervised at first, once it knows you and where it's food and litterbox are.
    Still keep an eye on kitten and all the others, of course, until older.

    Other animals should know by then kitten is not a total stranger that needs to be run off, they will have smelled and heard it in the house.

    Works also to have a big dog crate, partly covered, with room for food, a blanket and little litterbox to keep the kitten in the main room and slowly let it out more and more.
    That is what many do today, we didn't have crates many years ago, when we started house kittens.

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    I will start with confining kitty to a spare bedroom, then put up a baby gate that they can meet through for a few days. I then put up the baby gate so kitten can make it under but other can't. This provides an escape route for kitten and kitten can join household at their pace.
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