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    Default Is 12% crude protein enough?

    My little OTTB is getting a pelleted feed from Triple Crown that has 12% crude protein. Horse is ridden 6 days/week for about 45 minutes (about 25-20 minutes of real work - WTC, transitions, bending, or 3x5 minute trot sets with a 2 minute walk interval and the rest walking; just beginning to jump again). I was giving him a 30% protein supplement for 4 weeks but this seemed to be a bit much. Has nice grass hay that I mix with orchard alfalfa...again, question is about protein for building muscles and strength.
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    12% of what? 12% of one pound is very different than 12% of ten pounds.

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    How many pounds of 12% feed is it getting per day.
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    You can't really ask that question without looking at the total diet. Remember that 1lb of a 30% protein feed has the same amount of protein as 3lbs of a 10% feed for example.

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    What they said

    If you were ONLY giving him the 30% supplement - ration balancer - at probably 1lb, that was not a lot of protein at all. If he wasn't doing well, it was because you weren't feeding enough calories.

    Separate calories from nutrition

    So, tell us how much of the 12% he's getting, how much of the 30% he was getting, and what his hay/grass is like.

    He probably needs in the range of 700gm total crude protein. He probably needs about 30gm lysine. 1lb of the 30% protein supplement, if it was TC 30, was giving 10gm lysine. That may be necessary if the hay is too low in protein, which is very possible if it's grass hay.

    That's why it's not just as simple as "12% is too little but 30% is too much"
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