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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberleeB View Post
    I just bought a 17hh as well. He is quite broad though and takes oversize for pretty much everything. Did you end up getting one if so what size? Have any suggestions for me? Thanks!
    I think you would be fine with horse size. That is what I got for my mare, who isn't tank wide, but is wide enough with a fairly long shoulder (she's a good sized16.3 who usually wears horse everything in most brands). We're currently at first or second holes on most of the straps, so there is PLENTY of room to spare.

    FWIW, I really like the breastplate a lot. I've had it about 4 months now, and its held up great. The leather isn't fantastic but its SUPER for the price that was paid ($78 on sale). Hasn't darkened at all, and hasn't stretched much, if any. Sheepskin disks are holding up fine, as is the elastic. I ride with this thing on every ride, so 3-4 times a week. Did fine in the summer too with excessive sweating.

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    This is on my wish list to get before next summer. I have the HDR Pro A/O saddle, and Stress Free Figure-Eight bridle, and love both of them. Great quality for the price. Glad to hear some good reviews for the breastplate!
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    I have the HDR 5 point breastplate (horse size, for a 16.2 H TrakX), and also had an Ovation one (cob sized, for a 14.2 mare)

    The HDR is not very nice leather. It is servicable, probably durable enough for me and my one horse. It is coated, not the 'open grain' kind of leather that really holds oil. Its the kind you can wipe with water and it doesn't absorb any, but it doesn't absorb sweat and dirt either so thats a bonus. Over long term use it will get those little cracks in the coating that this kind of leather gets, or the color will rub off.

    The Ovation was better quality, less 'coated'/ painted looking. BUT the edges of the leather straps had a weird plastic coating that peeled off. Didn't hurt the leather itself, but looked weird.

    The HDR is a great price, can't really beat that.

    I can't compare to other brands of 5 pt breastplates, but I have owned courbette, stubben, edgewood, and amish made tack that is made of actual quality leather.
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    So - a cob needs a cob size - I am confused. Do they run small or large? Seemed conflicted posts....

    I want a 5 point for my 14.1 sport pony - he is a long shoulder and strides like a horse. But I also want to get one for my 16.2 BIGGG boned half Appy WB cross.

    And yes - the only one I can afford to buy if I buy two - is the HDR which is so much cheaper than the others - but I notice no one sells used ones on ebay. So people must like ot keep them. There was a massive tack sale and none there either.

    My experience with HDR though on their saddles is - they have high end and economy end so my guess its the same with the 5 point. You get what you are paying for but sounds like HDR is cornering the affordable 5-point breastplate market because the next one is like 190 and goes up from there.

    I could afford it - if I had to but I always bargain shop because I never know when I am going to have a vet bill or if I need to change a supplement or buy a new blanket. So I would rather not pay $200 plus for a breastplate.

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    This isn't cheap, but it is cheaper than a lot of the 5 point breastplates.

    It runs VERY large, such that a cob size is appropriate for a 16+ TB. The one that I got is super quality leather and workmanship.

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