I just finished reading the other post on footing and was very interested to hear the replies because I too have a similar problem where I board. I believe the footing is too deep as does one other boarder (there are 6 boarders total: 4 that ride consistently including me the other 2 ride when the weather is *nice*). We have complained multiple times and more often that not the ring doesn't get dragged. We hear replies like "well its not that bad" or "what can I do about it, the ring has way to much footing in it, it's never going to be perfect".

So my question is.... how deep is too deep? I looked today when I was riding and we left 3-4" hoofprints.

Our ring in question is a sand/permaflex mix, ~90% sand 10% permaflex would be my guess.

Also other than totally revamping the ring or removing a large portion of footing can it be salvaged? I even thought of asking if a large portion of footing could be piled up in the corner of the ring just to make it a bit better....I just feel like whenever I make a comment to the effect of "that footing is really deep today- it felt like we were riding on the beach" with a huge smile on my face thinking to myself *hint hint*, that I am looked at like a pain in the a$$ or a complainer. I just don't know....I have been looking into other places in the areal this place would be ideal if they could just drag the ring once a week at minimum.