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    Default Show Shirt Questions

    1. Are the same trends of dark coat and white shirt applicable to the little kids - like short stirrupers - as well? Or are they doing colored shirts? What about in the adults (hunters and equitation)?

    2. Is the snap collar shirt THE shirt now?

    3. Are monograms on collars still "in" - if so do they monogram the snap collar shirts or just the traditional collar?

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    1) I would say yes. If not white shirts then very light colored ones for hunters. Eq is definitely still white.

    2) I have seen a ton of snap collar shirts, but you will not be the minority if you wear a regular button collar.

    3) There is a pretty big mix here. I think many people do not wear monogram collars anymore but again, you won't stand out if you have one or not. The snap ones as far as I know can be monogrammed if you are willing to take off the snap and put it back on afterwards. The problem is that the snaps are exactly were the monogram would normally go.

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    I can speak to the short stirrup in our area at least. Lots of different colored shirts, pink, blues, green etc, and some fun colored coats as well, greys, middle navys, etc. and of course fun hairbows.

    In our area, many of the SS kids have monogrammed shirts. I know one kid in the snap color shirt but at their price, I don't think they're all that common amount the younger set. Most people in this age range seem to have hand me downs, consignment shirts and plain old traditional collared shirts.

    Well that's how it is in VA at least!

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