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    Default Nutrition Gurus: What Would You Feed A Super Lazy Horse For More Energy?

    OK this is a bit of a long shot, since a horse's basic personality can't be altered with diet, but here it goes....

    We have a small (15h) 6-year old qh gelding. He lives on a hay-only diet due to the fact that he is an air fern. We bought him from friends as a 2.5 year old because he was the laziest, quietest thing we could find for my husband. He was so lazy at 2.5 years old that you couldn't even get him to canter - and this was exactly what we wanted - safe and sane.

    But we would like to do a bit more with him now, and he is just so lazy its really hard. Is there anything diet-wise that would add energy, without anything that would be dangerous in terms of carbs, sugar, etc.

    (he has no medical problems, my vet did the vetting and knows him. He was just born a deadhead).


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    You might try supplementing his hay with a ration balancer pellet like Purina Enrich 32. Other companies have similar products, depending on your area. Pennfield (All Phase B.P.), McCauley Brothers (M-30), Triple Crown (TC 30% supplement). They are intended to help supplement the vitamins and minerals that a forage-based diet might lack. Some horses get a bit more pep with the higher protein. They tend to be low starch, and because they are pretty concentrated, you don't need to feed as much as a regular grain-based feed.
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    Assuming the hay is excellent and the animal's vitamin/mineral/essential amino acid needs are being met, I'd supplement with a solid fitness program and longer spurs.

    A healthy, well fed lazy horse is probably not lazy due to nutritional deficiency. But it can't hurt to check thechay, see if anything is lacking, and add back what's missing. Or if hay analysis is not feasible, a decent multivitamin-mineral-AA supplement like Accel, Select, Equibase, Etc.
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    If he's really an air fern, he likely won't be able to handle even the 1lb of a ration balancer.

    MOST likely this is 1) his nature and 2) a training issue. Especially since he's always been this way.

    But, it would be nice to pull blood just to rule out anything obvious.

    Then get some good training in him.

    I WOULD probably put him on a vit/min supplement, he might need some extra lysine, but it would be worth testing your hay/grass if you wan tto know for sure.
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