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    Default What is your opinion of Nutrena 12 Sweet Feed?

    I have a horse boarded right now, and this is the feed she is getting. She has just stepped up her work schedule (and competed in her first horse trials this weekend!) and is looking like she needs more groceries. No ribs showing, but looking a little tucked up and hipbone is looking more prominent. She is getting 4lbs of Nutrena 12 2x per day plus hay. I'm not familiar with Nutrena at all. I feed Progressive Nutrition to my horses at home. I'm going to send a bag of diet balancer to the barn and have them add 1-2lbs a day to what she is getting. But I'm wondering if I should just replace her feed with the PN feed. When this mare was at home, but not in work, she was fat on 1lb of the diet balancer a day. I feed very high quality hay, and she does not like the hay at the boarding stable much either (so I'm looking in to supplementing her hay with some of mine too!) Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this Nutrena 12. I wouldn't really want to up her quantity too much more, so I'm thinking of just switching to a different feed.

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    I don't know this specific feed, but if it's a sweet feed, I would personally not want my horse on it. Most sweet feeds have an NSC percentage up in the forties or fifties (ie "pony crack/Snickers bar"). There are more healthy options out there. And if she was doing well on the feed you had her on at home, why not just switch her to that?

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