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    Default Older gelding behaving like a stallion in the spring time...suggestions please!

    We have a older (approx 18) appendix QH gelding on the farm who is owned by a 13 year old girl and is used for beginner-intermediate lessons. He's great while being ridden and handled out of his pasture. Respectful of his handler or rider and doesn't seem bothered by the mares. His problem is as soon as the mares start cycling he goes into meltdown while out in pasture (he's pasture boarded). He runs the fence line constantly, working himself into a lather and running and fretting the lbs off. I would love to be able to put him in a pasture that's adjacent to geldings but I have only one gelding pasture on the farm and he's in it. If given the opportunity he will mount a mare and corner her while fending off everyone else. He shows no physical signs of having extra testosterone, no cresty neck, muscular jaw, etc.

    He'll be getting depo shortly and I'm hoping that will help. Does anyone have experience with a gelding behaving this way? How have you been able to manage him? Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
    Nani Lio Farm, LLC

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    Easy for me...I have no mares. Problem solved. Sorry, I don't really have a solution for you, other than to set up another pasture situation for him, further away from the mares. Was he gelded late? It may be behavioral, not hormonal.

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    I had a gelding like this - became very studdy if near mares. I had to make sure that he was in a paddock/pasture where he could not reach over the fenceline to touch or sniff a mare, and his stall in the barn had to be surrounded by geldings.

    He was not gelded late, and had never been used as a teaser or stud - but my oh my, did he love the mares! If I made sure that the above was followed, he was a gentleman at all times.

    I think you'll have to come up with some creative fencing ideas to make sure that none of the horses/people get hurt.

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