I am merely passing this along. Do with as you please but maybe some one can help, or can pass it on to somebody else who can? Horses are in OK (I assume)

These people are having to relocate to Florida to be closer to the Mayo clinic so
that her husband can be treated for cancer.

She also has 2 dogs and about 8 beautiful barn cats that need to be "re-homed".

Right now she is asking for help with her 2 horses. You can read more about
them below.

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Hi Denise
These are my 2 horses. The Bay Mare ( dark colored) is Lady Bug she is
Bucky's momma. She is about 30 years old. Bucky is 14 years, old They
have never been apart either. When one separates from the other they whinny
continuously and run the fences until they meet up again. We would like for
them to be placed together until momma dies.
Lady Bug is not and hasn't been ridden in over 10 years after the vet said
to stop because of her arthritis in her joints, which is natural.
Bucky has been rode a couple of times but not in the last 5 years.

God Bless You