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    Sep. 14, 2002
    Azle, Teh-has

    Default Is this video "Funniest Home Videos" worthy (my house/barn cat plays fetch)?

    I have this awesome cat that I bought last year.

    He does everything around the farm with us. Well, he sits on the golf cart at least--during feeding time, when I'm riding, when we spread poo or anything that is outside/horse related.
    He LOVES to zoom around off roading on the golfcart.

    He's so odd.

    two pictures:
    he has a slight underbite and his lip gets stuck on his tooth all the time.

    here he is on night at feeding time waiting on the golf cart.

    So he suddenly plays fetch too.
    I had some co-workers tell me to submit it--otherwise the thought would have never crossed my mind.
    If I could win some $$$ with this video I could put up a new fence!! lol.

    use sound
    He bangs his head into the wall on the 2nd pass, then on the 3rd pass he thinks REALLY hard about picking up his birdie.
    Horses are amazing athletes and make no mistake -- they are the stars of the show!

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    Feb. 9, 2006
    ol Virginny


    Send it in. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

    Your video certainly amuses me more than some kid eating buggers or having a screaming meltdown over something.
    Save lives! Adopt a pet from your local shelter.

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    Feb. 26, 2008


    he looks part siamese?

    I also had a siamese who would play fetch with milk rings, yep, hours of entertainment, untill he batted them under the fridge

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    Jun. 18, 2005
    Sweet, sweet Virginia!


    So cute! What I found funny is that my reaction to the head thump was word for word the same as yours. Jinx!
    "Radar, the man's ex-cavalry: if he sees four flies having a meeting, he knows they're talking about a horse!" Cptn. BJ Hunnicutt, M*A*S*H Season 4, Episode "Dear Mildred"

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    May. 23, 2006


    splice in a short video close-up of his face at the beginning. He's adorable!
    ...somewhere between the talent and the potato....

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    Sep. 2, 2009
    Houston, TX


    Quote Originally Posted by Jumpin_Horses View Post
    he looks part siamese?

    I also had a siamese who would play fetch with milk rings, yep, hours of entertainment, untill he batted them under the fridge
    I have a siamese that used to play fetch in his younger days too. When he got tired of playing he would run to the toy, sniff it, look at me and then walk away.

    Now he just looks at me like "do you expect me to chase that?"

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    Jun. 30, 2005


    Very cute!! Do you shave him and how do you get him to wear a sweater? I bought my indoor cat a t-shirt and everytime I put it on him he lays down like I have killed him
    RIP Sucha Smooth Whiskey
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    RIP San Lena Peppy
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    Jun. 17, 2010


    Be sure to NEVER go get it for him, if you do he will probably never bother to fetch again, knowing you will eventually do it for him. At least that's what my 2 fetchers did when hubby made the mistake ONCE. lol
    Can't hurt to send a video in! I've seen some on TV that aren't nearly as cute as yours!

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