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    Default Riding Instructor insurance

    I have just been hired to teach at a local farm and they request I have insurance. For those of you who have it, what company did you use and what is your premium? Thanks!

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    I'll second this question!
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    Equisure is one of the big companies out there, but I actually found a local company for about $300 less a year. So shop around and ask some of the other local trainers who they use!
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    Are you an employee or a contractor. Who will be paid for the lessons, you or the barn owner? If you are an employee (and the rules are fairly strict on this), the barn should have the insurance, and I would insist you on the policy as a named insured, so you will get notice of any possibility of cancellation.

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    I use's about $700.00/year...

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    When I got back into teaching, I got quotes from Markel, Agri-Risk (now owned by Markel) and Equisure. Ultimately, I ended up going with Agri-Risk based not only on quote, but available coverage and customer service. I have stuck with them even through the buyout, because some of the original agents are there are super helpful.

    i would do the online apps and get quotes from a couple of companies. Also, talk to the agents and the BO about what insurance you actually need. I freelance and only teach on horses that are owned or leased by the riders. I also do not haul horses which would change my rates as well. Check to see if you need just liability or if you need care, custody and control.

    Good luck!

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    Second vote for determining if you are an employee, or independent contractor. Not sure where you are, but generally if you just show up and teach on horses owned by the barn, students pay the barn and the barn cuts you a check you are an employee and the barn should be responsible for maintaining insurance on all employees.

    If you are teaching people on their own horses, on their own property using their rings, jumps, you're more likely to be an employee although most people would say you're a freelancer and responsible for all your own tax payments and insurance. But it's like being a maid. You show up when they tell you, do the work they assign and leave at the end of the day. A maid does not bill her employer, she is paid on a regular basis for a set number of hours per week. If you teach off your own horses, supply tack and equipment and jumps, you'd be a IC for sure. Generally the IC supplies their own tools, and an employee shows up and uses what's provided by the barn or company.
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    Recently, I received a quote from Equisure for the type of insurance you describe for $700/year.

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