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    Feb. 14, 2011

    Default What would YOU charge.....

    For lay-up board????


    Horse injured. Doesn't need a stall, 24/7 turnout is fine. Must be alone, no turnout with other horses. Needs meds 2x/day.


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    Jan. 24, 2004
    Sergeantsville, NJ


    I charge the same. Horse still needs shelter, even "out", feet picked, blankets changed, poop picked up.

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    Mar. 24, 2007


    Quote Originally Posted by JanWeber View Post
    I charge the same. Horse still needs shelter, even "out", feet picked, blankets changed, poop picked up.


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    Feb. 17, 2010
    Purcellville, VA


    It depends.

    In my situation, if I had a horse that had to be on separate turnout, he would have to go in the drylot. That means free choice hay that wouldn't normally be thrown and extra labor to clean out paddock, fill and scrub water that I wouldn't normally be doing since I never use it. Hay is rediculously expensive in my area and that alone would be a huge cost.

    *Time is money!

    Meds, how are you giving them? My pasture board doesn't include grain and is for really easy keepers. If you are having to give him grain to take the meds (if they don't dissolve or something) thats extra cost as well.

    For me, I would charge between $10-$15/day extra.

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    Jan. 17, 2008
    Dutchess County, New York


    Agree, if solitary turnout creates more work, you should charge more. Or if it takes up a field that could hold several horses and you are thereby giving up income by only putting one horse in the field.

    Meds are included in my board, so I would not charge more for them.

    In my particular case, I probably would not charge extra as long as the layup was for a defined period of time (and probably 6 months or less) because I do have a field that could be used for solitary turn out now, but I wouldn't want to be locked into that for a year or more.

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    Nov. 20, 2008


    I would charge the same. I have private pastures so that wouldn't be an issue. Meds wouldn't cost extra as long as they aren't injectable.

    If cold hosing, wrapping or something else was needed that may incur an extra cost, depending on the situation.

    I imagine it might be tough to find field board that offers private pastures, but it all depends on the individual farms set up.

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    Nov. 10, 2006
    Southern Finger Lakes of NY


    If I've got the space easily for a solo turnout, standard board.

    If I've got to make an extra paddock or alter turnout for others in order to meet his needs, I start to think about charging a bit more, particularly in consideration of the 2X daily meds.

    The deciding factor would be expected length of layup-- for a month to six weeks, we could handle it and would not change the standard board charges. Longer than that, and I'm going to have to charge for the time spent (for doctoring and disrupting the routine, which takes time out of my schedule).

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