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    Mar. 5, 2006
    New York

    Default Horsehair bracelet

    Found one more in the showcase I am clearing out...Tell me why you want it, my daughter will choose where it goes from the responses.
    Dark hair, blue bead, average size.

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    May. 19, 2006

    Default bracelet

    well as stange as this may seem but my 88 yr old mother pased away in my arms on monday morning..i have been careing for her and she finnaly left for the lord..she told me about when she met dad and about a white puppy he gave her..not a perticully religious person i was concerned about her entering heaven, she in the last weeks couldnt talk and would just smile at me..after she died i felt the strong erge to go for hay in a place i never went.30 miles from my farm..i chalked it off as needing to get out for the day,on the ride i thought much about my mom..if she was with my dad?or not...before i went to get the hay i ran into a lady ! and what she handed me was beyond belief. yes it was a white fluffy puppy.she said iv been saveing this dog for some reason and your it..i no your the one who needs this puppy dont ask me why! now my mom knows if there was a message to be sent it would have to be a critter that i would me that white puppy represented her reunion with my long dead sure she is safe now.!!!.we have a sancuary for equine. and i want to always remember her watching her two favoret horses threw the window fact i am painting them on her ern before we bury her in the family lot next to the house overlooking the horses..this braclet i would never take off and every time i look at it i would see my moms little quiet smile and remember the little white pup my dad gave her..and the white pup she sent me from heaven has been named yat-a-hay shay-naa spiret..native american for welcome great white spiret dog shay naa is what we call her.. well now i must go out and feed my 21 charges and await the arrival of two safe all and walk silently in your horses foot prints..

    walk softly and be one with your horse

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