Excerpt from article.

Someone released 32 horses and stabbed two of them in the neck early Wednesday at a Kansas City, Kan., stable.

Police were called to the Due West Ranch stable near 120th Street and Donahoo Road about 6:30 a.m. after workers arrived and found the horses — worth a total of about $1 million — loose with two of them injured.

The intruder released 32 horses from stalls in two barns, one filled with paint horses and the other with Morgans, Basler said.

Whoever did it, he said, “let out over a million dollars worth of horses last night” and apparently used a pocket knife to slash the tires of farm equipment and stab the horses.

The ranch, which trains horses and teaches riding, has five barns and two outdoor arenas. It has not had any other problems since Basler started it in 1993, he said.