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    Default Lease to lessee or to trainer?

    What's the saner thing to do? In the case of a lease, should the horse in question be leased to the lessee (sp?) or to the trainer of the rider?

    In this case, the trainers have done all the searching and arranging for the horse to be leased, etc.

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    In this case, the trainers have done all the searching and arranging for the horse to be leased, etc.
    And they will likely get a commission for that work, but I doubt they want to actually pay for the lease. You lease to whomever is giving you the money and paying the insurance.

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    Usually, a horse is leased directly to a lessor unless it is a very valuable horse or a horse going from a trainer's friend into said trainer's program. If you have any question, you can always include in your contract that you have to approve any program changes including boarding situation and training situation during the duration of the lease (state the original trainer and farm). That way you have control over whose program the horse is in, without involving the trainer in a way that complicates finances and who is actually going to be riding the horse. If you lease to a trainer, you run the risk of the horse not working out for the intended rider and ending up with a less good rider. Just my .02
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