Yesterday my DH and I worked at a small jumper show. I was the 'judge' and he was timer and wrote the scores (clear, stops, etc). I guess people are looking for an outing, and this is relaxed and fun and inexpensive, so lots of different disciplines were represented.

There was a contingency from a good dressage trainer, who has several young kids starting to jump. they were ALL good riders, leg position was stellar, upright in their body and just 'tight' in the tack.

Then the hunter group came - all young teen-aged, tan breeches, black polos, bling belts with buckle on the side. Perfect hunter rounds, actually more eq-looking, but really distinct in style.

Of course, our eventers were there - the good, bad and ugly of it. Some pretty scary rounds, inverted ponies and interesting positions. But, also - lovely rides and some really nice horses.

I guess it was so interesting to me, because there was a larger variance (style, type, rides) in the pure 'eventers' than the others, not sure why, it was just really fun to watch them all in one afternoon...