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    Jan. 18, 2008

    Default Equine CPA needed ASAP

    I am hoping COTH can help us. I'm feeling quite panicked.

    Basically, we need a good, experienced Equine CPA ASAP. We are located in Salisbury, NC (between Charlotte and Winston-Salem) and I would prefer someone willing and able to travel to our farm for consultation. We need Tax Prep and filing, help with our business model/plan in hopes of securing a loan for facility improvements and other expertise that only someone well-versed in Equine law and taxes can help us with.

    For those wondering why we are looking for someone so late, or so close to tax time...
    We had hired someone through good recommendation of a friend in the Saddlebred industry. I spoke with this CPA and she made an appointment to visit us this past Sunday, staying over into Monday. She was going to help with all things we needed above. Well, last week we tried contacting her to be sure we knew what time she'd be here and that we had all of our paperwork in order for her. No response. She also didn't show up on Sunday. We have called, emailed, texted to no-avail... I would be worried about her if my friend that recommended her hadn't spoke with her 2 nights ago. My friend questioned the CPA casually about working with me/ being in contact with me. She told my friend that she was in the hospital with food poisoning and knows she needs to get back to us. She said she has seen our emails and our phone calls. Well, we called yesterday and today and sent text (friend says she communicates with her by text often). Still no answer or response.

    So, please send me your rec's for an Equine CPA!

    Thanks so much!
    Cydney Rae
    Cyd-Rae Center
    Salisbury, NC

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    Jan. 18, 2008

    Default bump

    Ok, no responses yet....

    Maybe I need to re-phrase what I am looking for? Someone that can help with what we need, tax prep, business plan (not write it for us, but help us be sure it is strong), loan attainment, general equine laws.
    They do not have to be an "equine specialist," or equine CPA.

    Basically, who do you guys use for these needs?

    Can they help me?

    Please help


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    Apr. 26, 2010


    Agree, get good help ASAP. You'll be able to file for extension if necessary, so don't panic on time, but don't dither, either.

    But in the interim, get a copy of either HR Block or Turbotax premium with small business, 80 bucks or so (I've used HR Block since 2004 and have been very satisfied with it but Turbotax seems to be taking the lead in the competition, at least for individual returns). The interview process will help you get all of the information together, in an organized way, that the CPA will need. The better you organize the information, the less time you'll need from him/her and the less you'll be charged - and the more you'll understand the process.

    RE: Business plan, that may or may not be the CPA. Accountant's don't normally (IMO) give business advice.

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    Jun. 7, 2008
    now in KCMO, and plan to stay there


    The NC Horse Council may have some links or suggestions? I found their site,
    You might also want to check with Dr. Chris Uhlinger, as she might know someone to recommend. Does your Aunt (I seem to recall she is or was breeding Arabians?) know of anyone in the area?
    RIP Sasha, best dog ever, pictured shortly before she died, Death either by euthanasia or natural causes is only the end of the animal inhabiting its body; I believe the spirit lives on.

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