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    Angry Irresponsible breeder. Spin off of GA horse abuse case.

    As noted on the other thread, the idiot who shot the abused horse in Moultrie, GA has a palomino filly for sale via craigs list. He made the mistake of naming the farm that bred the horse. I found the mobile # of breeder & told him the story of his horse. How it is now in the hands of a known animal abuser at an awful place. Told breeder that probably $100 would buy this horse back. I just knew this guy would be running over & getting his horse back BUT... Breeder told me that he has OVER 100 QH AT HIS FARM & doesn't want another one. Not interested in helping his own mare.
    Of course I'm not believing what I'm hearing. It's not like he has to pay thousands to get it back, just a mere $100. So now I'm sure he hates me as I just had to tell him to please quit breeding as QH make up the majority of the slaughter trade.
    I told him QHs are a dime a dozen down here & he says he does "pretty good on my colts". I of course then had to make reference to the cheap, poorly bred little mare that has ended up living in hell in Moultrie. If I live to be 100, I'll never understand not caring. Breeders like this make me ill. Nothing but a puppy mill for horses.
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    Very frustrating.
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    That is so typical for the low end breeders who only see $$. If they really, really cared about the animals they breed then they would do everything in their power to ensure the animals have the best chance possible at a good future. They would breed quality stock in smaller numbers. They would handle the babies from birth and put basic training on them. It is frustrating.
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    The sad part is the low end breeders actually think 2k is a LOT for a horse and it's really nothing! Unfortunately with the QH population like it is and really any horse population the way it is you can tell the quality from the low end and when a horse that WON at Congress gets sold for $250 the SAME YEAR it WON at Congress there's a HUGE problem. BTW that $250 horse was bought, and went to Congress the very next year and won again. Nothing wrong with the horse except circumstances.
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    Originally Posted by alicen:
    What serious breeder would think that a horse at that performance level is push button? Even so, that's still a lot of buttons to push.

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    Sadly there will always be those kind of breeders, even with the market the way that it is right now.

    On a happier note though..........I was going to breed my mare this year but decided to buy a foal instead. I have found in my search that not many good breeders bred any mares last year. That isn't really good for me because the prices on those well bred babies that are coming will be high since there won't be as many as usual but to me it says that people are slowing down on breeding a bit and that is great new
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