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    Default is anyone familiar with a saddle bran or model called Bartos?

    There is one for sale on but I can't Google any information. It looks like an all purpose, cross country or maybe a dressage with jumping emphasis.
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    I have not seen that name before. But that is a nice looking saddle.
    I'd love to know what size it is.

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    Oct. 27, 2006


    Looks like a "general purpose" saddle, but could be dressage judging from some of the others I found online (marked dressage but look more A/P to me). Found a nearly new model on Austrian ebay retailing for Euro 999 (says new it retails for Euro 1200 or ~US$1675). I get the feeling these aren't super high end, but it looks decent. It also looks to be wool flocked, which is nice. Stamp says "Reitsportbedarf," which I believe is "riding sport outfitters" (or something like that). It looks like RB stands for Renate Bartos. However, there is no website for this saddle maker.

    Here's translation of the page:

    Another one by same maker on German ebay:

    The serial number often tells you something about the year it was made and possibly tree width or seat size, but since I don't know the brand at all, I couldn't tell you how to translate--or if it even means anything. I see a "96" in the code, which could possibly be the year it was made, but I can't guarantee that.

    There's one for sale I found for $1000 US. No photo though.

    Found another sold in Germany last year for Eur350 (US$488). No photos.

    Saw another German listing saying the Bartos was an eventing saddle. Sold for US$544.

    Here's one more that sold in the US for $572.

    Don't know if any of this is helpful, but at least you can get an idea what the used sale price range is.

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    I have a RB Bartos dressage and I love it. Prefer it over my kieffer. I received mine from a coach and don't know much about the brand but fits my horse better then any other saddle I've found and I find it very comfortable.

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