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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Question Bit Shopping Help

    I am so frustrated with this whole thing. I'm only posting this in the eventing forum because I know you guys are good with what's legal and what's not. Currently my horse is going extremely well in this bit:

    I'm fairly sure it is legal as bouchers are legal, oval/lozenge links are legal, and if I remember correctly, as long as the mouthpiece is all one metal it's fine. Please correct me if I'm wrong. My trainer seems to think that I will have stewards stopping me all the time even if it is legal because a.) some people don't think bouchers are legal and b.) some think that if a bit is more than one metal it is not legal. I've shown in this bit once before without a problem but it was at a schooling event and really all the bit check steward did was glance at the bit, if that.

    I used to ride in something like this:
    I would ride dressage in the loose ring and stadium/xc in the boucher but really, he goes so much better in the boucher.

    I also just recently tried this: But he was not a fan of the flat link. At all.

    So the reason I am frustrated with all of this is because I have been looking for a plain, stainless steel, single metal, lozenge/oval link boucher for months now so I don't have to worry about bit check but I can't seem to find one anywhere. They all have either flat links or are two metals.

    So what I would like to know is:
    a. Does anyone know where I could find the bit I describe just above this?
    b. Is the bit I currently ride him in legal?
    c. Has anyone had any experiences showing in the bit I use now?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long-ish post, I just wanted to make sure I was coming across clearly in what I wanted to know and what I have already tried.

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    The bit you are currently riding in is legal. I wouldn't bother switching bits if he goes well in what you ride in and it's legal--that doesn't seem very fair! Whenever I have a "questionable," but legal, piece of equipment (read: swan neck spurs), I print those pages from the rule book and carry them with me. People thought I was silly until a woman attacked me at one show and was screaming at me in front of competitors calling me a cheater for wearing swan neck spurs
    "Last time I picked your feet, you broke my toe!"

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    I used a bit just like the one you are currently using. No one every said a thing to me, but then again, I was no threat

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    Your current bit appears to be legal.

    Bauchers are legal, though the rule book calls them "hanging cheek snaffles" (number 11 in Appendix 4, Permitted Snaffles).

    The lozenge center piece is legal (number 2).

    The rule about "more than one metal" was removed a number of years ago.

    You may find some riders and trainers who misunderstand the bit rules, but you would be hard pressed to find a TD that thought there was a problem with a bi-metal, lozenge center, French link, Baucher.

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    Sep. 24, 2010
    Area 1, Connecticut


    Thank you so much everyone! That makes me feel so much better!

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