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    Jan. 7, 2011

    Default English Showmanship Help?????

    My green mare is attending her first show this coming Sat.

    This is a very small schooling show put on by a local riding club.

    They are offering an English showmanship class--I have never heard of one of these types of classes. I'm wondering if anyone else has, and what can I expect from the class---I know it is an in-hand class, but what types of exercises may we be presented with. I'm hoping to at least get her acclimated to some of the requirements.

    we are also doing the walk/trot..but I know how that goes....


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    Jul. 29, 2001
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    It's western showmanship but with english tack (aka boots/breeches and the horse wears a bridle instead of a halter) You'll be required to walk/jog in hand, set up square, pivot (180/360), back up. etc...

    here's a good demo:

    english showmanship:
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    In the video in the last post you will see them walk/trot to the judge and stop and set up the horse. In a Hunt showmanship class you would want to set the horse up square in front with offset legs in the back. You'll want to make sure you do the "quarters" i.e. switching from side to side when the judge inspects your horse. You are "showing" your horse to the judge so you always want to be able to make eye contact with the judge. The standard pattern is to walk to the judge, stop set up for inspection, pivot, and trot back to the line up. The patterns in the videos are much more difficult than you would probably see at your show.

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    Jan. 7, 2011

    Default Thanks

    Thanks now I know what to expect...

    I'm so excited to get out there with my horse and see how she likes the horse show life

    This little show seems perfect for her debut-- a nice low key show that is only 10 min from the house!

    Thanks again

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    Jul. 19, 2007


    At least when I was in 4-H, most judges doing English Showmanship would not ask for pivots/360s. Also, at least then, Thoroughbreds were not set up square but with one back leg offset, the Saddleseat breeds shown in their tack would park out or otherwise stand appropriate for the breed.

    And I would practice leading and especially jogging with the bridle--my old OTTB would happily jog in a halter and chain but would throw his head and fight it with the bit in.

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    Dec. 18, 2006


    Quote Originally Posted by mand_asbfan View Post
    The patterns in the videos are much more difficult than you would probably see at your show.
    Agreed! Beginner showmanship around here is generally walking up to the judge, square up, and present, trotting from point A to B and line up. Much easier! But that was a 4-H show, too. Maybe a little different in a hunter show.

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    This is in AZ and probably more a stock breed show than a hunter show? I'd do quarters, square up (not just front legs) and expect to do a 180. Typical AZ schooling show showmanship class pattern is walk to the judge, halt (one horse length away), set up. Show off the horse using quarters - and it takes practice for the horse to stand still as you switch sides - then when the judge excuses you 180, trot back through the line and another 180 to get in place.

    If you're not in the first English Showmanship class of the day check if other people are squaring up behind or not, but I'm guessing they will all be, regardless of breed.
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    If you're showing under a 4-H/QH judge, make sure your mare is IMMACULATE. What I remember most about Showmanship is having my horse's braids tugged and butt inspected. (No kidding — the judge actually put his white-gloved hand on a buttock point to check for dirt!) Don't forget your cornstarch for the socks and baby oil for the muzzle. ; )
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