As I posted in Off Course, my nearly 5yro son has expressed some interest in riding my mare. I'd love to nurture that interest, and in particular would love to fan the flames by putting him in a leadline class of an upcoming hunter show at our home facility. However, I don't want to spend much money on something that may not interest him ever again.

So, wonderful COTHers, I'm here requesting any used/beat up/usable kids' riding clothes you may happen to have that your kiddos have outgrown. It doesn't need to be show quality--he can go into a leadline class wearing stained breeches, heh--just functional.

Son wears a size 4-5 pants, x-small/small shirt, and toddler size 13 shoes. If you have clothes that are bigger, that's okay--he will be bigger sizes soon enough. Heh.

Thanks everyone!