Hi, I wonder if folks can submit some information about types of insurance they may have or have had regarding various horse related coverage. Specifically, what Kind of policy provided the coverage, how much it cost in general, and did they find it 'worthwhile' to carry. Here's a list of things I am concerned about which I wonder if anyone has tried to cover in some manner, and what kind of policy would they fall under?

A horse's life

A horse's health, big ticket item (surgery, major vet expense)

Liability for someone injured while riding my horse

Liabillity for someone injured because of my horse

Theft of saddle, bridle

Cost of towing, transport of horses, if while in my trailer and vehicle if stranded on the highway

other's trailer as above

Event insurance - short term insurance covering a person's property if used for a weekend to hold a hunter pace - field for parking of cars and trailers, liability for damage to the person's property because of the activity on the property, waiver of owner's liablity for participant/visitor damage, coverage for I don't know what for the duration of the event on the person's property, promise to repair mud/truck damage to the person's property after the event, etc.

Are there any insurance companies for any of these folks would recommend or advise to stay away from?

Thanks for any expeirences or information