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    Default How tall a trailer?

    I'm out shopping for a used trailer, and have run into a few that are long/wide enough for the moose, but are only 7' tall. I've had a few people tell me that 7' is "tall enough for a warmblood".

    So tell me... how tall a trailer would you want for a 17hh that tends to stand fairly "up"...?
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    Aren't the "warmblood" size trailers just 7'6'' anyway? 6'' isn't that much of a difference in this particular situation.

    He's a big boy and is going to have to be aware of his head in every trailer, basically. I might toss a head bumper on him if you don't already.

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    I had a trailer that was 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It gave my horses plenty of room. It was an All American but I know that Eby also makes them that large as well. Good luck on your search!

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    If he is mellow -7' will do.

    But given that he is up, I think the extra six inches may be important. It is very horse dependent on whether they will hurt themselves of not. I have always had sensible horses that have not.

    I have a 8 ' EbY now -I love it, but some of my horses are 18.2 It is 8x8x30 on the floor stock -for me, it is wondeful.

    When I had a 7' it worked for the 17.3 but she was very mellow.
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    a 7' tall trailer is 21 hands tall
    does that help with perspective at all?
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    I would rather go 7'6" for a 17h horse, especially one that is up or nervous. That 6" really matters.

    If you are using the 7', you'd want to be sure to have a head bumper at all times.
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    Our last two trailers have been 8' tall. More important for air circulation in warmer climates, but I would not go below 7'6" for any horse over 16 hands. You need to know where he comfortably holds his head. Horses don't trailer like they are doing western pleasure and use their heads to balance from front to back and side to side while swaying in a trailer. Another thing...7 foot high trailers (or any actually) measure to the roof itself - not the ribs/rafters that support the metal roof, making them really only 6'11". I measured one to be sure!!! Your 17 hand horse would not be happy in a 7' trailer!!
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    I would go 7'6" for that tall of a horse.
    I have a 7' trailer for my 16.2 big boned horse and it's fine for him, but he trailers like a dream. But if you can find and afford a 7'6" I would do that.
    good luck

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    My trailer is 8 ft tall and my friends 17hh horse who is a bit of an idiot about loading/trailering fits in there very well. He also carries his head very high.

    ETA: She recently was thinking about a 7ft tall trailer and I agreed with her gut feeling that it would not be a good idea. Also, she is very tall so future horses are likely to be on the bigger side, so decided to wait for a taller used trailer to come along.

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