Dream is a registered OTTB mare about 15hh and appx 21 yrs old (would have to check papers to know for certain), in need of a new home. Owner has many health problems and can no longer care for her. Dream is free to a good approved home.

She is broke to ride and was used as a therapy horse. She can be hyper when bitted up, but in a halter (and saddle) she is quiet, calm and laid back. She can be a hard keeper and does best on Triple Crown Senior (i know as i have run the gammut on trying to find food that will keep weight on her) and requires a blanket in the cold winter months to keep form losing weight. Her teeth have been done every other year and are in great shape. She is current on all vaccinations and worming. She is use to living with a mixed herd and being outside. She does better on alfalfa hay mix and if kept inside best to use a lot of hay cubes... as she will play and waste a lot of hay otherwise. She dislikes additives to her feed (including hay pellets!) and will only pick at it.

Her ONLY problem is that she has a permanent crack in her right fore which requires constant care. Having tried several different methods the best way is to keep an equicast on her year round and repolaced every 4 weeks. Currently she has been able to go barefoot- at least until the ground dries up and isnt soft anymore. She tends to rip shoes off her feet, so the equicast has been the best soloution (and pretty inexpensive) i have found. It keeps her sound, mobile, happy, and her foot is looking better then ever. However without the cast and the care, the crack will become worse. I can send pics to any intrested parties. The crack is because of a weak growth area from an old injury to her coronet band. the equicast runs about $16 per application (every 4 weeks) which includes the price of the glue. I only wrap the one foot. Anyone can put it on and it will wear off on its own or the ferrier can rasp it off. Her feet grow slowly and are shelly.

She loves attention, being groomed, treats, and fussed over. Having been a track horse she is desensitized to many things. She was once a brood mare, but due to her age and her hoof it is not recommended and anyone inquiring will not be approved. I have been the barn manager and her care taker for the last several years and can answer any questions. She is a very sweet horse and would make a great companion and/or second mount or even go back into therapy work (as long as they can afford to care for her feet!).

also her owner has a lot of tack for sale. I belive dream will go with her halters (yes plural) and bridles.

there are 2 saddles for sale, one is a custom aussie and the other an abetta endurance. both are new. maybe used 2 or 3 times and kept in great shape. both are apx 18in seats. I would have to measure to know for sure but i am pretty good at eyeballing. I can get pics to any intrested parties. I still have to get prices.

any questions please send me a note at WindWolfFarm@aol.com