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    Default Elasticity - ligament versus muscle

    I recently read a book that discussed elasticity that comes from tension in the ligaments versus power in the muscles. The author described springing off tight ligaments as an undesirable type of elasticity.
    I hadn't heard of this before. Does this really exist as a separate origin of elasticity and it yf this really exists, does this mean young unworked horses with great elasticity are "boinging" off tight ligaments?
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    Ligaments have a pretty narrow range of stretch ability. A great deal of "stretch" actually comes from the muscle they attach to.

    Young horses have (near) full leg length but not fully developed bodies (either in height or width or overall mass). So they have more power in the legs relative to the whole body than an adult horse does. And they don't have a rider on board.

    There are a great many properly raised and trained and ridden horses who are very elastic by nature.
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