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    Default Independent Inspection Tours. What is this??

    I just happened to come across this website this morning. Didn't read through everything, but most of it looks puzzling. Does anyone know anything about this and why you'd want to spend money on it's not for a specific breed registry or anything? ...or am I missing something here?
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    Judging by the results it seems to be an inspection for horses that no one else will inspect.
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    Um. Wow. See to be mostly friesian crosses.

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    I gotta say thats pretty slick. I was looking at the list of affiliated 'registries'. Maybe we should send them to the BYB mentioned in the other thread. Might be a way to knock a few folks over the head. Maybe its not such a 'bad' thing.. and on Facebook too!
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    Judging by the results it seems to be an inspection for horses that no one else will inspect.
    Um. Wow. See to be mostly friesian crosses.
    It might be worth mentioning, those inspection scores are not recognized by the Friesian Sporthorse Association, and cannot be used to fulfill any of the Performance Book, Breeding Approval, or Mare Book requirements for Friesian Sporthorses. (For other Friesian crosses, obviously it is different, but I thought I would clarify lest Friesian Sporthorses get lumped in with "horses that no one else will inspect" or "mostly friesian crosses".)
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