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    Default NEWS: Pit Bulls Attack Horse In Clayton County-Georgia

    A Clayton County man wants more serious charges filed against the owner of two pit bulls that attacked one of his horses.

    Jay McMaster told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas the animal is still suffering a month after the attack.

    “He's not feeling good right now, I mean he's hurting,” said McMaster.

    “He's still got stitches here, and here, and his bottom lip here,” McMaster said as he showed Thomas the injuries.

    McMaster said he came home one Sunday afternoon to find the horse cowering near the barn and bleeding. McMaster called police, but his son shot and killed the dogs before officers arrived, fearing they could attack again.

    The dogs’ owner wrote in a statement to police that the two pit bulls had run away while her ex-husband was walking them. The woman told police her daughter was devastated because the dogs had never been aggressive, according to the police report.

    Clayton County Animal Control charged the owners of the dogs with four minor violations. The dogs’ owners could not be reached for comment.

    McMaster told Thomas he would have liked a stronger punishment to match what his horse has suffered.

    “He's been with me a long time. I hate he had to go through this, but I guess better him than a human being,” said McMaster.


    Jingles for a full recovery
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    Loose dogs of any breed are a problem.

    We have a guy around here who has 2 large dogs that he turned loose to roam in the state forest, which is explicitly forbidden there. They, in turn, attacked a horse and rider, injuring the horse and putting the rider in the hospital. The rider got out of the hospital, did not heal well from her injuries, and has to go back in for surgery. They are suing his home owners insurance and will probably see some money in three years.

    Meanwhile, this dope still wants his dogs to run loose, so he puts the leads on them, takes them back into the state forest, turns them loose while he runs the trails, and lets the leads drag on the ground so he can say they got loose on him. Runners, hikers, bikers and families with small children all enjoy these trails as well. He has been notified of the pending lawsuit, and to this day is still doing this with his dogs, both in the woods and on the streets and roads around his home, even though his own neighbors have complained about it.

    So, really, did the dogs in the OP really get loose, or were they running alongside of the walker here, as in my friend's case, and the dogs moved faster than the man could in getting the leashes them? We'll never know. Too bad it all ended in injury for the horse and sorrow for the mans ex-wife and daughter. All for the want of a leash.
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    I know this won't be the popular opinion, but I am glad the son shot the dogs. Otherwise I bet they would have "run away" while being walked again as the authorities probably wouldn't have done anything. Sorry the dogs were killed, and a little girl is devastated, but the guy was right in protecting his own property.

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    Why do we keep having these news articles out here? What really is the point? Just to be the first to pass on the story? I'm missing the reason. There's nothing any of us can do, except feel bad for the horses.

    Just doesn't make sense to me. If a person was local, it might mean something if it was a wild animal attacking horses, etc., but pit bulls?
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