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    Nov. 26, 2009
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    Default Rare fungus - long term outcome

    My now 25 yr old gelding contracted cryptococcus neoformans in his nasal cavity (rare fungus found in soil polluted by bird droppings, horse inhales it as dust/spores, normally causes no issues - must be the "perfect storm" for horse to contract it; not passable to other horses) and received proper treatment (surgery/medications) for it in late 2009. He is doing well, although does not have proper air flow out of the affected nostril due to scar tissue that lessens airflow out of one nostril, and basically "rearranged" what his nasal/sinus cavity is shaped like. My horse is otherwise perfectly happy and healthy, and does well at his 6 month checkups.

    I was wondering if anyone has had a horse with this fungus and what your long-term outcome was. Thanks!
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    Not a horse but one of my cats contracted your same Crypto. He has been on the Fluconazole for 18 months and cultures are still coming up slightly positive. Can't imagine this in a horse. Hope your guy continues to do well!
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    We have a horse that also had a rare fungus infection. He had been on long term antibiotic use for a sinus infection. Sinus flushing, surgeries, bone infections, (on my!)etc. Sorry I don't have the name of the fungus anymore but I don't think it's the same as yours. They did send a sample to the health department due to concerns of the strain that it was. 2 vets and the U of Minnesota were pretty doubtful that the horse would beat the infection but the 3rd vet in the same office put him on Griseofulvin. We continued flushing his sinus with a mild bleach solution. We also added extra vitamin C and Smart Digest. We don't know if if helped but it sure didn't hurt anything. He is a healthy horse now a year later. Keep your fingers crossed and that our guys have beat the odds.

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