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    Default What to wear?

    So I'm having show coat issues as mine no longer fits (in the good way, it's too big!) and I can't afford to get a new one in time for Sporting Days next weekend. I could safety pin it to make it look less like it's wearing me, but when I did that last fall it wasn't as easy to move around in - and Dressage is our weakest phase. I do have plans to buy a new coat, but for now I just need a fix for Sporting Days! What would you all recommend to wear? I was thinking it might be chilly/rainy so I thought about a black zip jacket of some kind....any thoughts? I've always always ALWAYS worn a traditional jacket so this is really out of my show element.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Can you borrow one from a friend? I know this also sounds a little strange, but do you have a black blazer (for work or such)? Those are both possibilities.

    IMO, a loose jacket is not a terrible sin. I suppose that it depends on how big it is on you, but better too big than too small! Could you take it to a tailor to get it taken in really quickly? Sometimes that can be a really cheap, quick fix in a pinch.
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    Because Sporting Days is a horse trial with all phases on a single day, you do not need to wear a jacket. See ev114.8 in the rule book. A polo or other light colored, conservative shirt with sleeves and a coolar, no neckwear or pin is appropriate. If raining, you can wear a rain jacket
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    The other option (if you like the coat) is to take the coat to a good, fast tailor, and get it altered to fit. It's funny, people always used to get suits altered, now no one does.

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    As scubed said, you do NOT need to wear a coat.
    I haven't worn one for single day events since the rule came into effect, unless it's cold enough to.
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