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    Default Ten Horses Killed by Train and on Highway

    Several horses died after being hit when they wandered onto the Trans-Canada Highway and onto railway tracks near Virden.

    Ten horses were killed Monday night west of Hargrave, Manitoba. Another horse was injured and was taken to a veterinarian's office for medical care, said RCMP. A total of 17 horses had been wandering loose.

    Some of the animals strayed into the path of semi-trucks, along with in front of a train on nearby tracks.

    RCMP said six of the horses were hit by the train, while four others died after being hit by semi-trucks on the highway.

    The horse's owner had been in the area and was trying to locate the horses, said RCMP. The rest of the horses were located and rounded up.

    Police are investigating.
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    That is too close for comfort for me. Horrible deep snow on the prairies this winter, and it is made worse by drifting. When snow drifts here, it piles into rock hard drifts and buries fences so stock can walk up and over. I lost my east fenceline (pasture) in November and the west fence on the small corral in December. By the end of December, the south fence was gone, and all that is left sticking out of the drifts is part of the corrals, certainly not enough fence showing to hold anything even if I could manage to dig out the barn door. The usual victims of this type of accident are cattle that walk over the fences, not horses, but I know they can and will walk out if the opportunity exists.

    For the record, Manitoba had the same 24 hour blizzard Saskatchewan got, just a day later. The weather system brought almost another foot of snow and was accompanied by high winds that packed the snow rock hard in high drifts.

    I feel for the owner.
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    Wow, poor ponies, and peeps who hit them.

    I feel for the owner

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    OMG. I have not heard of this! I am so sorry for the owner, the truck drivers and engineer, but mostly for the horses. Hopefully, it was quick and painless.

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    That's so horrible, especially as the owner was aware they were loose and was looking for them. So sad.

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    Default sad for the owner

    Guess I should stop whining about just having cold weather...

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    Yikes. I had not heard of that and I am a few hours away. I did hear of a fatality on Feb 17 when a man driving a pick up truck drove into a freight train in a whiteout snow storm. His two children were in the truck and survived; he did not. That was in the same area as a matter of fact.

    The article did not state how the horses got out but I would not be surprised if it happened as sk_pacer stated. I have already added another rail to the top of one fence line due to drifting snow shrinking my fences. We have also dug snow out of one particularly bad corner three times already.
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    That's just horrible.

    Many years ago we had a horse walk over a packed drift and get out - fortunately she just went into another field. But that spring we changed our fencing so that no fences lie in drift prone areas...fortunately back then it wasn't a big job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coanteen View Post
    That's so horrible, especially as the owner was aware they were loose and was looking for them. So sad.
    I, yi, yi
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