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    For the record I think that few management companies make $ off their food concession. It is hard enough to get any one to do it, they are not about to pay you to be there. There is only one show series that I know of that owns the food service and hires the workers. The rest of us struggle to find any one to do it at all. If we are lucky they may feed our judges.
    Today many of the horse show facilities are state owned and operateed and require you to use their food service which is unfortunately often not so good.
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    For the record I think that few management companies make $ off their food concession. It is hard enough to get any one to do it, they are not about to pay you to be there.
    I think horse show management frequently forgets that a lot of their vendors are not exactly raking it in - i.e., if you charge them to show up, they don't profit enough to make it worthwhile. I recognize that horse shows want to profit, but sometimes it can look a bit excessive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    A proper egg and cheese sandwich.

    Other than that, I horse show with ETBW. Recent spreads have included quiche – choices of asparagus/swiss and cheddar/broccoli – eggplant vegetable wraps, 7-layer Mexican dip, brie with crackers or baguette pieces, fresh vegetable crudités with blue cheese dressing, pulled pork barbeque, 3-cheese tortellini salad, sandwiches with avocado, tomato, sprouts, good cheese, and dukes, and shall we not forget the fresh fruit bowls (optionally vodka soaked fruit), champagne grapes, and chilled beer and wine selections?

    I may, perhaps, be a tiny bit spoiled.
    I want to move back to VA and show with you guys!

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    i am so thankful for everyone's responses! and so suprised at the tacos too LOL! that's the last thing i would eat at a show (literally, as i was leaving i WOULD grab one!) looking to plan a show for 2012, the gang and i wanted to make sure the food we were going to be planning was going to be what people wanted - light, but not "too light" - not just snacky stuff. and still need to think of the spectators, they may want to go for the typical dogs and ham bbq type of thing, but riders will be looking for items that aren't going to sit in their tummy like a load of bricks all day. wraps, veggies, and love the pita and hummus idea. smoothies, italian ice, great summer fare as well. and as i'm munching on some kettle corn... hmmm.... maybe need to add that if possible!

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    I love it when shows have whole wheat (like real, solid, not the dark white bread) cheese that's not kraft singles, fresh fruit, and I'd kill for hummus and veggie plates at shows. (Love the crackers, cheese and fruit one too)

    Parfaits like starbucks sells... fruit, yogurt and granola (less sweet ideally, but this is a horse show)

    Wraps, salads, soups and chilis that are lean and not full of oil. (Chicken noodle with tons of carrots, celery, leaks, onion, etc is my fave)

    I'd buy lean cuisine box dinners and microwave them if it was an option to avoid burgers and frito pies.

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    I would like a sushi bar! WEF had one and it was my lunch every day for 2 weeks.

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    We are lucky at many of our shows to ave a great concessionaire. She does BBQ beef and some other "real" food option. She's always got fruit, veggies and the like, too.

    For many of our shoes, we all pitch in and bring food. We do soup/chili in the crock pots and it's always fun to sample everyone's food. When we travel, we bring a lot of food (sandwich stuff, snacks) to save calories and $$.
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    Because of the way schedules run once the show gets started, I cook breakfast for my "crew". Scrambled eggs with cheese, maple sausage and sometimes, home fries or hash browns - all done with two electric frying pans. Not heavy (although I have taken to using real cream in the eggs) and the carbs and protein are good. I also make sure we have bananas. In cooler weather, I have brought a big crock pot of chili with all sorts of cheeses etc. to go on top. Coffee for those that do, hot chocolate for those that don't.
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    I totally agree with the soups/chili, especially in cold weather. I ran the local Medal finals last year (during November) and had our hospitality lady (who was amazing) make three different soups (including chili) and it was a huge hit. The chicken noodle was to die for and the judge asked for seconds!

    We also had coffee, hot cocoa AND hot cider, which was very nice! I am all for yummy, warm, comfort food that isn't too heavy in winter.

    In the summer I have seen really neat stuff at some of the local shows. One show had strawberry shortcake (very yumalicious) which was always sold out quickly! Again, more of the lighter foods seem to go over better in the hot weather.

    wait... can I add another parenthesis.. Oh, I am sure I can!
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    Any idea how someone would get involved with providing food for shows relatively inexpensively? I have an idea that I think would work perfectly with what horse showers are looking for but not sure how to proceed. I would need refridgeration but not a heat source. I could work out of coolers on a table if necessary at least in the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chunky munky View Post
    There are some things that many of you do not know. One is if you run a USEF horse show you are required to have a food provider at all times the show is under operation. I understand that many of you want to bring your own banquet, and believe me I get it. I am a foodie. But some of us try to provide really good horse show food. Please help us continue to give you good food by purchasing at least some of your food from the supplier. It is almost impossible to provide quality food, or for that matter any food if you do not support the food provider. No provider will show up for us. Just a different point of view that maybe you haven't thought of.
    And assuredly that is true, but my budget does not include a $7 hamburger, and vendors who charge that amount are vendors I will not patronize.

    I do have to plug Caves Farm which recently has hired a crepe stand for their winter shows. Oh. My. Gosh. The things are heaven in a wrap. They have breakfast crepes, dessert crepes, "real food" crepes, and they are all customizable with plenty of vegetarian options. I want to say that most of them are $4.50 and they will hold you for the day.
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    Can't remember their name, but the outdoor food vendor at Capital Challange is exceptional! Had some amazing chili and chicken soup last year that all tasted homemade, plus delicious sandwiches with a huge selection like grilled chicken breast with avocado, turkery with cranberry compote - and the ever delicious steak and cheese. They have such a great assortment of stuff to make everyone happy. Good stuff.

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