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    Default Best Boredom Breakers?

    I was wondering what you guys think from personal experience are the best boredom breakers/stall games for horses? I've been reading reviews for Likits and other things and nothing has seemed all too great. What boredom breaker/stall toy have you had the best experience with? Thanks in advance

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    Jul. 4, 2008
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    My mare loves her Amazing Graze. I put hay cubes or packer pellets in it, and then stuff if with loose hay to make it harder to get the treats out. I've also heard great things about Nose It. I also just purchased a Nibble Net, and I should get it in the mail today!

    I've never had a horse play with a jolly ball, but my dogs love them!
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    Another fan of the Amazing Graze, it can keep a horse entertained for a long time. I also have not tried the Nose It, but it appears to be another great idea.

    My mare currently has a Pony Pop that I hang. I've never actually seen her lick it, but they do last her about six weeks, which is great. Smartpak also carries them in sugar free, if that's an issue. I haven't tried them though so I cannot comment on their appeal.

    The one horse in my barn that has a Nibble Net figured out how to get the hay out of the top of it, so if you can one, make sure it's hung so the horse cannot access hay through the top!
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    May. 23, 2002
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    Another vote for Amazing graze. I bought it not expecting much but I put hay cubes in it to extend the munch time and by morning(10 to 12 hours) there is usually only one cube left in there. Considering he could hoover his cubes in 15 minutes it is wonderful.

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    There have been studies that showed that having a mirror reduced stereotypic behaviour (e.g. weaving).

    Here is one: McAfee L M, Mills D S & Cooper J J (2002) The use of mirrors for the control of stereotypic weaving behaviour in the stabled horse. Applied Anim Behaviour Sci 78, 159-173.
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    Another vote for Amazing Graze. I bought it for my stall bound mare and she adored it. Barn owner did not, however, enjoy the sounds of her playing "soccer" all night long in her stall.

    Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball is much quieter, but messier. You do need to hang it away from a wall, or else the clever ones will figure out how to push it up against the wall and take huge chunks out of it. My gelding constantly wore his in his forelock and face, but he certainly had a good time.

    I never had much luck with the Likits. I tried to offer it to everyone in the barn after my gelding turned up his nose at it (and he ate everything!), and nobody would touch it, even after i splashed water on it to make it more palatable.
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    The Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball has been a life saver in our barn right now with my year old on layup/rehab. He is constantly wearing a molassas face from the top layer, even though it is hanging from the rafter and only 1 x out of 10 can he manage to sort of get it and walk it to the wall, but it takes a lot of coordination and effort. Everyone in the barn has to stop and laugh at him having such a good time with it. Worth the mess for sanity. I would love to try a nibble net, but I just don't trust that a hay net would be hung safely every single time unless I do it myself (just a little over protective here) and since I am on "lay up " myself right now, I can't do it.
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    Feb. 6, 2011


    Another vote for the Uncle Jimmy's Hanging Ball. Very, very messy, but the horses love them. I don't really like the Likits-hanging in the middle of the stall or not, they seem to go through them faster than it's worth buying them. I'd try a Jolly Ball. They're pretty cheap and your dogs can always use another one if your horse doesn't like it.
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