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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Default Eggbutt vs. Dee ring snaffle

    Ok, Horse froogle has a bit sale going on right now and I have 2 in mind that I want to buy, but I'm thinking of switching from a loose ring to either an eggbutt or D ring snaffle. I can find the "mouthpieces" I want in both and they basically cost the same. So what's the difference, if any? I'm looking at the JP Korsteel with the oval mouthpiece snaffle and a slow twist snaffle.

    Background: I usually flat my horse in a loose ring with an oval middle (he likes the double joint in his bits) or sometimes we switch to a boucher. Goober does tend to get bored and the switching keeps him light (when he's bored/tired he loves to hang on my hands!). The past two years I've been jumping in a 3-ring elevator with an oval middle, but I think my hands aren't as nimble as I once thought(I end up shortening both reins and not using the "curb" only when needed) and am testing out some bits with some more "stop" than my loose ring. Jumped in a slow twisted eggbutt 2 weeks ago and last week and really liked his response to it.

    We're both working on fitness to help with the tiring that leads to the "headstands" both on course and the flat. Last year was a "learn how to enjoy riding again year," this year I have actual goals in mind which includes a lot of trot sets!

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    Both bits have less action/movement than the lose ring.

    A D-ring will help a little bit with turning- similar to the full cheek. Puts pressure on the side of their face, and keeps the bit from getting pulled through the mouth in the event that you really need to yank hard on one rein.

    I think the biggest benefit to the eggbut is that they can't pinch the corners of their mouth with it.

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    Hm, I have the JP Korsteel oval mouth eggbutt and my mare HATED it. It is pretty thin and somehow lends itself to flipping the middle part around in her mouth. Go figure, I try her in the much more expensive Sprenger RS Dynamic eggbutt and she is happy in it. D-Rings are awfully big and depending on the exact fit of the whole bridle may rub -- my mare is super sensitive to that though, I even have to cover her flash in a fleece sock .
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    Sep. 24, 2010
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    Interesting note on the JP vs. Sprenger...

    If there isn't a huge distinction between the two, I'll probably just go with the eggbutt as my horse has a "short" head and bridle fitting is enough of a challenge as it is! That and I just plain don't like the overall look of a D-ring!

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