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    Nov. 30, 2006
    Gastonia, NC

    Default anybody have a horse that thinks it's a cat?

    Went out to fix the slinky gate last night around dusk. Horses tail got stuck it and he stretched it to oblivion. Anyway boyfriend has a laser pointer in his pocket. He starts pointing the laser in front of the barn cats. Barn cats say, "hmft...don't you know we are real cats and don't chase little red beams of light. We kill real animals" and they go about their business.

    So boyfriend points the laser in front of Ricky, the MFT. Ricky tries to eat every thing and this was no exception. So here he is following around this little red light trying to eat it. poor Ricky

    Ok now boyfriend wants to see what the mares will do. Mares say "hmft...don't you know we are mares mostly of the chestnut varity and your little red light doesn't amuse us"

    Next, comes palomino of the "Parelli" trained varity. OMG. Parelli Pally tries to stomp the light, chase the light, bite the light. I'm talking jumps with all four feet and tries to pounce on the light. I of course tell boyfriend, to quit harrassing the Parelli Pally, but I do have to admit it was the funniest thing I have ever seen!

    Do you think laser shows can be the 8th game?

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    Oh gosh, I have to show the little red light to my horse now.

    (my dog and cat both already chase the dickens out of the thing, but yeah, our barn cats aren't interested in it either)
    The Trials and Jubilations of a Twenty-Something Re-rider
    Happy owner of Kieran the mostly-white-very-large-not-pony.

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    May. 2, 2006


    My horse probably wouldn't bat an eye at the little red light. If it doesn't involve food of some sort, he ain't interested!

    My CAT on the other hand would likely fling himself off our third floor balcony trying to chase a laser light. But then he's an indoor only cat, and not much excitement happens in his daily routine.

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