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    Default Breeding experts...seeking advice again. This time on breeding leases!

    My student (The one who was considering stallions to possibly breed her mare) has now decided that she simply can't afford to breed her mare, so she has decided that she would like to do a breeding lease on her for the year to give her time to heal and get her off her pay roll etc. So, at this point we need some advice on how to go about finding a situation for the horse. She is in North Carolina. Is this typically a free thing, a fee? How much? Share of the foal does this work? Any advice or where to go about finding someone to lease a broodmare would be great! Thanks so much!

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    What is the bloodlines and show/production record? Usually it will be a free-lease (i.e. the leasor will pay full care and board for the mare until the foal is weaned) but if the mare is super special you may be able to get additional $.

    A contract is a must and check references. Are you set up to deliver and raise a foal? Otherwise it will probably mean the mare goes off-site. I would want mortality insurance too.

    You can get some ideas of what is typical from reading the free-broodmare lease thread on this forum as well.

    Personally, I would never do a foal-share.
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    Agree, foal sharing *usually* ends up a nightmare. I've heard of very few good experiences!

    I just wanted to reiterate the necessity of a contract. I lost a former Intermediate level event mare after the lessee provided virtually no vet or farrier care and injected her with so many hormones and different things I'd never even heard of. I had to give her away as a barren (she'd completely stopped cycling) and permanently unsound pasture puff. Having a lawyer draw up a tight contract will save you SO much grief down the road.
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