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    Default Race record help

    I'm looking at a horse on the track and would love it if someone with a little extra time (lol) could possibly look up the race record on this guy. He's four and has had three starts. On pedigreequery it says Win - M, place 0, show 0. What does the M mean?
    Also, because of only having 3 starts, I would love it if someone could look him up and see if anything jumps out at you as a red flag.
    I don't want to put his name out there out of respect for his owner, but if you could pm me, I'll give you the name.
    Thank you if you can help.

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    M means they haven't broken their maiden race yet.

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    Go here and type in his name. Race record and earnings show up below the pedigree.
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    Thanks very much.

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    Left hand column.. Horse Search...

    Enter his name..

    It'll show his races and any videos that may be available and if you click on "Charts" you'll get all the details.

    All this is free...

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