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    Jul. 29, 2006
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    Default All-purpose saddle for short rider who likes narrow twist

    I am looking to buy a new saddle, although it might have to be used. I want an all purpose one to mostly hack out, do a little dressage (Training at most) and maybe some x-rails.
    The horse is a rounder Arab/Trak cross.

    What are some brands folks that like that suit someone who likes a narrow twist (short upper thighs) and short flaps (I'm only 5 feet)? I also like a deeper seat, something more than flat.

    I've ridden in Passiers and really like that feel. But I may not be able to afford that.

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    Hard to say without seeing the horse and with no actual budget stated, but assuming it's a wide-loaded horse and a sub-$1000 budget, I'd reach for a Thornhill Berlin or the Wintec Wide. The Berlin would be my first choice. The Wintec Wide would be better if you had a mutton-withered thing, but you did say Arab/Trak so it might have some withers. Again, you've got us playing with an incomplete deck unless you give us more info about the horse.

    With slightly more money to work with, perhaps around $1500, you could look for a Prestige jump or AP saddle in XW or XXW. Or if you can find one of those really old Passier APs in a fairly wide tree size, that might work too.
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    Jan. 10, 2007
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    I am 5'3" with a wide mostly trak. Got an old county pro fit wide for $900. It totallt rocks
    OTTBs rule, but spots are good too!

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    May. 14, 2009


    I have a 33" inseam
    My favorite is my Crosby AGA grand prix, a Crosby Mark 7 is close, also have a Mark 6 doesn't fit the same though.
    A slightly wider twist- Jaguar 120 and Spirig's all purpose.

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    Jul. 29, 2006
    Southern Utah


    Well, happy results. I told someone about my post and they are loaning me a Wintec AP with adjustable gullets. She says that way I can wait until the horse and I get in shape to get a permanent one.
    I will keep all the good suggestions and try to sit on as many of them as I can as we go along.

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