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    Moe2004 Guest

    Default Switching towing vehicle, any considerations?

    We have been using my trainer's Land Rover to pull her Brenderup trailer. We are now going to use my Ford F150 which has a towing package to pull the trailer. Will I need some sort of coverter for the electrical plugs? I have never owned a trailer and my trainer will be driving, so no worries there! Any input would be appreciated, Amy

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    Seems like the simplest way would be to just look at the plugs and see if they match, no?

    Nobody here can help you, really, cause we can't see the may need one, you may not, depends on what pin setup the plug on both the trailer and the truck currently have.

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    Just because your truck has a tow package does not mean that it has a brake controller which you will need if the trailer has electric brakes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atlatl View Post
    Just because your truck has a tow package does not mean that it has a brake controller which you will need if the trailer has electric brakes.
    Which they won't, because it's a Brenderup and it doesn't require electric brakes.

    Moe2004, only you can answer this question. The Brenderups come with whichever plug the original dealer or customer ordered. My first B'up had a 7-point plug. My second B-up has a 6-point plug.

    Either way, you can use an adapter to convert it to whatever will attach to your truck. I have a 7-point connector on my tow vehicle, so I connect the 6-point plug to a 7-point adapter. Realistically, your Brenderup is only using the plug for lights anyway, and even a measly 4-point plug has all the wiring for that.
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    If you need the converter you can get it at any auto supply store, I've even seen them in the automotive section of Walmart.

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