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    Aug. 19, 2009

    Default My 3 OTTBs: What do you think?

    It snowed a whole inch, so of course the schools are closed, and I'm at home with the kids instead of out with the horses. :-) But, I'm thinking about them (the horses!), and was curious if anyone had any thoughts on their breeding/past/knew them previously/what have you.

    First, Timely Impulse

    Missy's Joy


    I foxhunt, and have ideas of doing a very intro level unrecognized event this spring.

    Thanks for any input!

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    Jan. 15, 2004
    Lancaster, PA, USA


    Have to head out to more later on the why's....but "on paper" I would buy the first one and not the other 2..their pedigrees are not my cup of tea. I own a mare with an "eh" pedigree too....but would never have bought her based on her pedigree. I bought her as she is a solid build mare that had a fabulous looking filly at side when I saw her. SHE was bought based on the fact I knew what she produced. Most of the others I have purchased were bought on the strength of thier pedigree though.
    OK...back with more time
    1)Timely Impulse: Gilded Time is a nice horse backed up by Damascus and What a Pleasure. Native Dancer and Princequillo as well on the sire side.On the bottom I love Well Decorated. Explodent is not bad but the very bottom is not as strong on SH pedigree.
    2)Missys Joy: As columbus notes, Storm Cats pedigree is nice on paper but he is not sporthorse in build. On Forest Wildcats dam side Raise A Native does add some jump back. On the dam side I really like In Reality. in general I like Hail To Reason but not Halo. He was a nutjob. On the very bottom I do like Ack Ack. So....mixed bag.
    3) Bridlewood: Unbridleds Song I really dislike...he produces some very fragile legged offspring (aka unsound). Halo: ill tempered. Hoist The Flag: mixed bag of talented jumpers with difficult temperments. On the dam side you have to go back 4 and 5 generations to In Reality.Wajima a ways back: rings a bell but I can't remember why.
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    Jun. 16, 2007

    Default based on pedigree

    Based on pedigree alone it would be the first one. Gilded Time is wonderful but the best is Well doesn't get much better than that with Raja Baba who is always a good thing to Majestic Prince and Tudor Minstrel. The second has Storm Cat and while his pedigree is fine his phenotype isn't is not sport type...if the horse has good sport conformation I wouldn't worry about the Storm Cat then. It is the same for the 3rd horse. Unbridled Song is a lovely pedigree but be careful it comes with good sport conformation.

    Remember pedigree is the last criteria for evaluation of a sport horse. PatO

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    Dec. 5, 2004
    Lexington, KY


    I remember booking this mare to Gilded Time! I haven't even looked at the other pedigrees yet, but I love Gilded Time so much. He was so gorgeous and had the most amazing forelock and temperament. Lol, I know who cares about a forelock, but his was incredible!

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    Aug. 19, 2009


    Thank you for the info! You guys are amazing!

    Timely does have the best temperament, ever. He will let you do anything to him--he is just a very easy going guy. My farrier needed to grind the toe on his shoe, but had already nailed it on. So he asked if he could try grinding it while on the foot, and he did, while Timely just stood calmly (I have pix). Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, he is just that friendly and nice. He is, in my opinion, gorgeous! He also has that thick flowing forelock. I have to pull it, which I know is usually a no-no.

    Missy's Joy is a sweetie. She has nice conformation. I've only had her a few months, she's done w-t-c and x-rails and trail rides. I took her to one bombproofing clinic, but I think she read the manual before she got there.
    I got her as a project horse, as she's middle aged re-rider safe, and that's about my speed in working with "projects." I'm going to see if I can get her going again and try hunting.

    Bridlewood was a horse I looked at last year, but he was sold before I got up to try him. (Instead I got Stonecoldfreak "Tigger" whom I lost in November to colic). He spent a year as a whipper-in's horse, but was returned for being too slow. After Tigger died, I was offered Bridlewood to try. He's very calm, very easy, and apparently, a decent hunter show horse type too. He does have long spindly legs, and has an old, small set bow on his left front, but has stayed sound on it through hunting and riding.

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