Banner is gorgeous and a 10 mover. He was bought from an estate sale from a respected H/J farm after the owners quick demise from cancer. He was supposedly an experienced trail horse. The caretaker of the estate (in charge of the sale of the horses) told me he was "a bit funny" around the barn but great if you hauled him out to the trails.

The horse was Amish bred and broke. I believe the typical Amish system of letting them fight it out til they're broke just taught him to fight more.

The estate never sent me his papers.

The horse has buttons. Sadly related to his Amish breaking, I belive. He is very very herdbound. He has a high "flight" button and if he feels trapped resorts to "fight" mode. I have ridden him enough to realize that he has had some extensive training. Unfortunately, I have also ridden him enough to realize that he will plant you in the dirt if he feels he needs to escape from a threatening (being ridden away from his herd) situation.

If I were 18, still bounced, and didn't have a child and farm/other horses to care for, I would consider him a challenge. As it is, I'm just not willing to take the risk.

This horse is NOT in danger. He can continue to hang out here. I just thought that maybe someone else might be interested.

I can take pics/videos if you're interested.

Chestnut, two low hind whites, small star. Very Arab head and neck. 11yo.