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    Default NARG-Jimmy Torano interviewing GM "Insist on Excellence"

    A nice commentary on the current state of horseshows, horsemanship, and horse industry.

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    new york

    Thumbs up great interview

    we should see more of these types of interviews! Love that it's produced by the NARG, which makes it more of a horse professionals' view and not from a PR/marketing viewpoint. i.e. phelps sports and other 'reporters'

    much smarter questions lead to more substantial answers...not just a bunch of 'fluff'

    Thanks George, Jimmy and the NARG

    \"All things bright and beautiful,all Creatures great and small...\"

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    thanks So much for posting this. that is the Essence of george! and just imagine, he didn't say dumb bell ONCE

    ahem... jimmy could have had a better shine on his boots.

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    I also appreciate an interview that isn't obviously advertising for this or that. Thanks for posting!

    I did see the damage that the "factory" barns did for even local BNTs. One I knew in CNY built up her business from nothing. Three decades in, she had a good business but could never leave the farm to go learn more, buy different or up her game. She really got stuck, just doing everything right one day at a time. She does have a big lesson business and clients who buy, train with her and show. It's sad to see the people with the ambition and money top out at her barn and go out of town to take their showing to the next level. It's also understandable that they do.

    GM also made a good point about how buying horses has changed. The scariest part is that he remarks (correctly, IMO) that it would take "a big effort" to restore the convention of buying top horses in the US. Many people have been saying the same thing for the past 20 years. But GM is right that the "correction" needed to change that has gotten bigger and bigger. His remarks about "finding horses under rocks" here versus getting off a plane in Europe and seeing as many horses as you can stand suggest to me that we will never be able to change this.
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