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    Jan. 17, 2008

    Default Dog/Wheelchair/I missed OT day

    I totally missed OT day, but had an update and some ?'s on my dog and his wheelchair.

    (fyi, for those who did not read-I have an 8.5 YO Boxer with spinal arthritis who is losing feeling in his hind end).

    I ordered the chair and am waiting for its arrival.
    DH and I just returned from a week long stint in Florida for a much needed vacay. The pups spent the week at the vet's boarding clinic.

    My boy came home very happy to see his parents, but quite visibly worse. He's now kicking his left leg with the right, not sure if he *thinks* he's compensating or what. He's weebling like a drunken sailor. Very happy though-ate his dinner AND his sisters, and in good spirits.

    Then he pooped in the the house. Twice.

    Dh is convinced he ate too much. I shook my head and told him no, that is not the case. He's beginning to lose control.

    I am hoping that it was just his sheer joy and excitement at being home with us that cause this overreactive pooping. He's not a house-pooper, never has been. I'm fearing the worst, of course.

    Any advice? He hasnt peed in the house at all.

    And FYI, whomever posted in OT about their dog who is completely paralyzed and needs to be moved ever 3 hours...I cannot do that to this dog. When he can no longer get up on his own, he will get depressed. His quality of life will rapidly decline. He's already down 5lbs in a year.

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    Sep. 9, 2007
    Charleston, SC


    I agree with you on when his quality of life isn't as good.

    My boxer is the same way. LOVES to be with me and kidney beans. He is to big for me to carry around the house.
    OTTB - Hurricane Denton - Kane AKA Bubble boy
    Boxer - Tugger's - outlasted my marriage

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    Jan. 17, 2008


    I did ask the vet when it was time...since his condition is not painful at all. He said personality and interest.

    The dog finally gets that he cannot go bombing down the deck stairs with his sister and has to go down very slowly. He's getting very cautious about when he goes-he will not try to jump in the car, go up or down indoor stairs. Our deck has 4 steps, very shallow, wide ones that he can navigate better. We are building him a ramp for his chair. He can still move about the house, I do put winter booties on his hind legs when he has free rein in the house (dogs are normally confined to the kitchen when we are not home) due to the hardwood in the house and his lack of traction.

    I'm watching the dog like a hawk, and his sister seems very protective of him lately. she's been cleaning his face and ears a lot (something she never did)

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    Dec. 12, 2007


    Folks are welcome to PM with input, but as the OT forum is closed and this topic isn't horse-related, we're going to close the thread.

    Best wishes!
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